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About Ernsports Skating Academy

Singapore’s Best Rollersports School

Ernsports was founded in 2020 with a brand new and holistic approach to Rollersports activities. Prior to this, our team has only focused solely and strongly on promoting inline skating as our passion. With Ernsports, we have assimilated skateboarding and longboarding to be part of our skating school as well and now offer coaching/classes for these 3 different Rollersports.

Our coaches, regardless of whether they are inline skaters, skateboarders or longboarders, all share the same zealous passion towards skating. Many of them are from competitive backgrounds, some of whom are also multi-talented in more than 1 Rollersport and are all eager to share their knowledge of the sport with you.

Our team has ensured that all our coaches have gone through the proper coaching training required in order to coach you safely and professionally, and at the same time, making the class enjoyable and fun, especially for kids!

Whichever Rollersport you choose, be it inline or skateboard or even both together, whether you are a child or an adult, Ernsports will try our best to arrange for the optimal skating program for you!

Our Skate Training Beliefs & Values

  1. Safety is Top Priority
  2. Kids are Friends Too!
  3. Fun is the best way to Learn!
  4. Maximizing your Potential
  5. Laying a Solid Foundation
  6. No one is too Young or too Old!

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Founder of Ernsports – Ernest Wong Jia Wei

With more than 20 years of skating experience under his belt, Ernest Wong has not only represented Singapore in international skating competitions; he has also served as a judge for local and international skating competitions after retiring from competitive skating. During his competition days, he has amassed numerous achievements as follows:

Competitive Skating Achievements
2010 – Chun Cheon Leisure Game Freestyle Slide – Champion
2009 – World Freestyle Skating Championships Freestyle Slide – 3rd placing
2008 – WSSA Slalom Championships Freestyle Slide – 2nd placing
2008 – Beijing Slalom Open Freestyle Slide – 3rd placing
2008 – SG National Freestyle Championships Freestyle Slide – Champion
2007 – SG National Freestyle Championships Freestyle Slide – Champion

He is well-known both locally and internationally for having pioneered the challenging, high-level sliding moves, the Ern Sui-Slide & the V-Toe, both which are widely regarded in the World Skating Technical Charts.

With Ernsports, Ernest hopes to impart more than just his inline skating skills and knowledge. He wants to inspire and educate all wheel fanatics regardless of skating discipline, making Ernsports one of the best rollersports school in Singapore.

“Teaching is more than imparting knowledge, it is inspiring change. Learning is more than absorbing facts, it is acquiring understanding.”
– William Arthur Ward

Congratulations to Ernest Wong Jia Wei & team of Ernskates Retail Pte Ltd on being awarded Entrepreneur 100 Award for the year of 2021.

The Entrepreneur 100 Award is an annual national award programme that honors Singapore’s top-performing entrepreneurs of the year. It is one of Singapore’s most prestigious and highest accolade an entrepreneur yearns to achieve. It recognizes entrepreneurs are well equipped with unique and remarkable leadership skills to transform a dream into reality, leading the business and forming a formidable management team that have propelled the business prosperity.