Student Showcase

Our Student Showcases are a compilation of our students’ journey with Ernsports. Each showcase tells their personal skating story and well as exhibits their creative and freestyle skating techniques. Be inspired!


The first Singapore Sports School Skater from Ernsports
Introducing Keenan
Find out how he did it!

Laetitia & Philippe

Ernsports Very Own Father Daughter Duo
Introducing Laetitia and Phillippe!
Watch on to find out how skating brought his father daughter closer than ever!


Click to see him showcase his creative slalom skills and speed-skating skills.


After being introduced to skating at a young age. She immediately fell in love with the sport. 5 years in and she is still pursuing her passion for inline sports here in Ernsports. Watch on to find out more on how she managed to keep herself motivated despite adversities.