Inline Skating Lessons


Our beginner inline skating lessons are designed for anyone who is looking to learn skating without any prior experience while building confidence through lessons.

During the lessons, students can expect to pick up proper safety practices, gliding, stopping and turning.

Time to have fun with the basics of skating!


  1. Push, Glide and Stop with Confidence
  2. Skate Safety and Break Fall
  3. Urban skating


Our intermediate inline skating lessons are catered to those who have completed their beginner course and want to build up stronger fundamentals.

The intermediate course aims to improve on balancing, turning, braking and speed techniques.

Show off your newfound skills on skates!


  1. One foot balance and glide
  2. Heel/Toe roll and backwards skating
  3. Cross-overs and parallel turn


Our advanced classes are recommended for students looking to further challenge themselves after completing the intermediate level.

With our advanced classes, students can build on their skating techniques and heighten their control and technical level on skates!

Experience the joy of cruising in the park connector!


  1. T-brake
  2. 2 wheels balancing
  3. Intro to slalom and slide

Master Class

Our masterclass lessons are crafted to guide advanced level students to their full potential as a freestyle skater.

Aspiring slalom skaters can expect to greatly expand their freestyle vocabulary whilst building on the flow of their fundamentals. Combine smooth dancing & expressive freestyle to your own liking!


  1. Freestyle tricks & variations
  2. Slalom & Slide combo
  3. Competition routine

Trial Lessons

What is the minimum age for kids to pick up inline skating and skateboard?

The recommended minimum age is 3.5y. This is the age where most kids have the ability to take basic instructions and they are also physically not too young. We encourage all new students with us to take our trial class first before signing any regular package with us.

Please refer to our price list here for more pricing information

How much is the trial class?

Our trial classes are conducted by a private coach. For a 1 on 1 private trial session, it is at $49 for 45mins (please refer to our trial price list here) . Equipment & safety gears are provided for the trial.

First-timers will learn in a sheltered and air-conditioned comfortable learning environment in our schools (subject to space availability in our indoor rink).

Please refer to our price list here for more pricing information and click here to enquire/book lessons.

You many also call or whatsapp us at 9724 6638 to request for more information.

What do I to bring for the trial class?

Inline Skating Class – Please bring a pair of long socks, helmet, safety gear and a water bottle to hydrate oneself.

Skateboard/Longboard Class – Please come to class in socks and comfortable covered soft-soled shoes like Vans, helmet, safety gear and water bottle to hydrate oneself.

Skates/Skateboard/Longboards and safety gears are normally provided for the trial class. However, we do recommend students strongly to procure their personal skates/boards and protective gears for regular class use and self-practice.


What are the packages available?

We have packages for one-on-one, one-on-two, one-on-three etc. catered to your preference, needs and budget. There are no expiry dates for our packages. Moreover, the packages can be used for any Roller-sport classes interchangeably, subject to slot and coach availability.

Please refer to our price list here for more pricing information.

How do I book for regular classes?

Regular classes are 1 hour sessions and normally recurring on a weekly basis. Our school admins will also text you 2-3 days before the scheduled lesson for a text confirmation of your class.

Our class lesson timings (hourly 1st and last slots) are as follows:
Weekdays – 12noon to 6pm
Weekends – 10am to 7pm

Should you require to change or cancel class before our school admins touch base with you, please feel free to contact our school admin through a call or WhatsApp at 97246638.

Where are the lessons normally conducted?

Lessons are conducted mainly in and around sheltered areas of our school grounds in Parkland Green. We do bring our students out to the ECP park connector to skate, an activity we call – URBAN.

When our beginner students are assessed to be ready to urban, our coaches will bring them out to the ECP park connector to enjoy skating long distances and exploring skating on different ground conditions while highlighting safety and what one must always take note of skating in public places.

What will I learn in the classes?

Every student on the regular class package will be given a black booklet by the coach. There are 3 booklets Roller-sports offered by our school – Inline Skating, Skateboard and Longboard.

Our coaches will follow the lesson plan according to the black booklet. Parents or students can refer to the booklet to see their progress or check what they have learnt to-date.

How many classes will my kid or I need to be able to skate, skateboard or longboard?

On average, it will take about 3-5 lessons for one to skate (all Roller-sports). Younger kids will take 12 lessons while adults may require fewer sessions to grasp the basics.

After 12 classes, you should be able to skate confidently and would have tried at least one urban session along ECP park connector under the watchful eyes of our coach.

For students looking to skate confidently without coach guidance along the skate park connector, we will recommend an average of 24 classes.

How do I make payment for classes?

These are the payment modes we accept:
Credit card, Pay now, bank transfer and cash.

For payments made with Pay now and bank transfer, please kindly send a WhatsApp text along with a screenshot of the payment completed to our school WhatsApp at 97246638.

Wet Weather Policy

What happens to my classes when it rains?

Trial classes are normally conducted indoors in our rink, while regular classes are carried out in and/or around the sheltered areas of our school grounds in Parkland Green. All classes will resume except for pure urban classes, which our coaches will change to work on technical skills.

Should students/parents make the decision to cancel, please kindly note there will be a deduction of 1 class credit to the regular class package.

Cancellation Policy

How do I cancel my class and will the class credit be deducted from my package?

Please kindly contact our school admins to give 24hrs notice if you need to cancel a class. There will be a deduction of 1 class credit to your regular class package if cancellations are made on the same day without prior notice, as we have already booked our coaches’ time. For urgent cancellations, please reach out to our school admins through a call or whatsapp at the following contact details:

ECP Admin – 9724 6638
Punggol Admin – 9724 9101
Bedok Admin – 8430 0272

Thank you for your kind understanding.

Please contact us through call or WhatsApp at 97246638

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